Chaos Is Our Friend

As we move through the chaos of political and moral turmoil, information and disinformation, having labels such as “hater” whether you are left, right, or in the middle, remember that chaos holds great power for creative change. Moving through chaos with a deep, well defined intent can change the world around us. It changes as we remember that we are all one humanity. Change gains more power as one by one by one we chose a loving, compassionate stance in our world. Energy is neutral but the deepest facets of our soul and the universe hold love at the core.

But what is love? Most of us are taught that it is some dysfunctional remnant of our parents’ beliefs instilled by their parents who loved the best they could with what they knew. The journey to learn what love is guides our nation and world now as extreme world views clash and battle for the soul of our countries and our united world citizenship. Will we join together as one humanity to create a loving, compassionate earth or isolate ourselves and hold onto the need to be right, no matter what the consequences?

YOU have the power to create the change needed in this world. Choose love. It’s that simple, and that difficult, for fear is peddled as a drug to feed the masses everywhere we turn. If you feed yourself and those around you with love, then out of chaos a world will arise where we all are on a path to live a fulfilled and harmonious life.


2 thoughts on “Chaos Is Our Friend

  1. I wish there were more in this world like you who can verbalize so clearly this message. Change does come from chaos and we need to stay true to our beliefs and learn from whatever change brings. I have no profound thoughts but I do know that chaos does not need to be nasty. Thank you for your thoughts Retta.

  2. Norma, it’s so easy to get pulled into the miasma of polarity and separation that are being put forth in all arenas of the media, in our country right now. We need to stand together and find common ground and healthy compromises.
    Thank you for following my blogs. I so appreciate it.

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