Living Love


So many of us find our spiritual growth inhibited by the emotional snarls of our childhood.  We were taught in our childhood to handle our emotional self by using doubt, fear, guilt, denial, and projection. As we get older and try to function in our lives, these childhood experiences become blocks to our happiness. Our most difficult personal issues which torment our lives are the key to our greatest spiritual growth. As you revisit these blocked patterns and discover what holds you back from joy, you open the door for your spirit to guide you to wholeness and healing. Connecting with Spirit will allow you become aware of healthier patterns of dealing with trauma and change your perspective on life events.

Learning to see the gifts from the emotional patterns in our lives allows us to transcend childhood scars and ascend to our higher spiritual functioning. Instead of using the human tools of guilt and denial, learn to use the spiritual tools of conscious awareness, unconditional love, and forgiveness. While it sounds simple to say change how your psyche processes your emotional and mental life, becoming consciously aware and learning to trust in the healing power of love is a journey of lifetimes. It takes courage to place that first step on the path to spirit.

I went through a time in my twenties where there were several deaths and much personal trauma in my family life. My coping skills at that time consisted of drinking scotch and doing my best to disassociate from the emotional pain. What I took away from that time in my life was that I wanted to be healthier. I mean really wanted to be healthier.  I was willing to change my life to find a better way of being human which led me to a life of living Spirit.

What I discovered after therapy and exploring spiritual avenues of connecting to a greater power was that all the defense mechanisms and dysfunctional patterns of behavior were created by my child self to protect that inner, gooey, core of love. For we are all love at our core. That is the great secret that we hide from the world and even ourselves.

Learn to be that love. It might not be an easy journey to get past the defense mechanisms and dysfunction, but the treasure trove of joy, playfulness, self-worth, and spiritual connection await you after the travails to get there.

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