When we were in Banff last year, one of our favorite experiences was the hot mineral pool. The energy tonight feels like standing in that pool where the water is 102 degrees and the snow is falling on our heads and we are surrounded by 360 degrees of beauty. Everything was in perfect balance for comfort and a sensual experience that bathed all our senses in joy all at the same time.
Stand with me while the mountains are shrouded in snow and gathering night. The dark green of the evergreen trees covered in brilliant white. The steam rising up to warm cold ears and nose and filling the lungs with the perfect balance of hot and cold air. The hot mineral water soothing aches and pains and the buoyancy of of the water holding you up as you bounce gently in place. Knowing all is in balance and goodness. Wholeness is your anchor and oneness flows from your heart to all the world around you.
My heart rests in your heart on this lunar night.

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