Spirit is an unfathomable mystery that surrounds us, lies within us and imbues our life force in form. While we cannot define it, we can experience it and describe the effects and feel that awareness.

When we come into the world, spirit remains a conscious aspect of our being. We remember past life connections. We see the life force energies around us. Those gifted with psychic abilities such as telepathy and clairvoyance speak the truth of the world around them. Our natural healing abilities are made manifest easily.  

Unfortunately, the world of illusion that we live in wants to maintain Spirit as separate and beyond our grasp. The vast energies of creation are given names, and wars are fought as to whose version of creation is the correct one.

        The separation from Spirit starts in our homes when we are taught to ignore our experience, or punished for verbalizing our innate knowing. We are taught to fear connecting to spirit unless it is in proscribed, limited steps embodied in whichever religious faith is held by our birth family.

        When we carry the repression and rejection of our greater selves into adulthood that affects our self-worth in the following ways. The first is chronic low self-esteem. We have been bullied and even beaten into rejecting the most basic foundation of our Being; Spirit. How can we trust ourselves if we have been told our whole lives that what we perceive as real does not exist?

        The second effect is the fear of taking risks as an adult. We create excuses and procrastinate instead of taking steps forward towards our dreams. Spirit walks beside us and within us, but we must be moving consciously or the power of Spirit shows up as the tatters of what might have been. The third effect is the tendency to shrink; to hide; to go unnoticed. It is not safe to stand out as different or we will be rejected or exiled by our tribe.

        So we are left with the vast, unfathomable powers of the Universe all around us and not feeling worthy of connecting to Spirit to create the world we want to live in. The only door that stands between us and our incredibly amazing experience of Spirit is our own fear of not being enough. The key to opening that door is unconditional love, but who among us knows what unconditional love truly means?

Spirit loves. There are no conditions or judgements or ritualized steps of attrition that are necessary to receive and be that love. We came in knowing Spirit loves. It is time to remember and be that love.


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