The gestation period for Seven and an Eighth has lasted most of my lifetime. While I am pretty sure I didn’t come out of the womb saying I want to write a book, it certainly was one of the answers to “What do you want to do with your life?” in high school. I also wanted to be an astronaut, but alas, that never made it to a real career choice.  I have been blessed with many satisfying achievements in my life so I do not feel unfulfilled by not becoming an astronaut. I am, however, hoping that travel into space becomes available in my lifetime.

My spiritual connection to the world around me has always been paramount to me. As in all lifetime quests, it has gone through many variations of how my spirituality expresses itself. When I discovered Goddess worship in my early twenties, I knew I had found my version of connection to the Divine. In my early thirties I found my spiritual teacher, Samuel, who is channeled by Lea Schultz from Lexington, Kentucky. (

With the Phoenix group that grew up around Samuel’s teachings, I have traveled the world doing high ritual and meditations that were literally life changing for the world and all its inhabitants. I have watched the sun rise on Uluru in Australia and in Egypt while sailing on the Nile River. This group of travelers has braved 4 foot waves in small boats on Lake Titicaca in Bolivia as well as being surrounded by guards armed with Uzis in Egypt. We rode elephants in India, camels in Egypt and petted pink dolphins in the Amazon River.

Many of the mystical experiences described in Seven And An Eighth are based on meditations and epiphanies from my experience during my own spiritual journey. The Source of all creation is beyond the mind’s understanding while in physical form, but glimpses of the glorious light that moves through us all have sustained me through many life crises.

I honor everyone’s spiritual journey. It is a deep and mysterious process that each individual must make on their own; and it is always a joy to find like-minded travel companions along the way. I hope you enjoy Ignomatius’s journey and that it somehow touches the spirit in you.

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